2018 Cayman Christmas Charity Card Competition

Following on from the award-winning success of the ‘Griffin Christmas’ Card in 2017, Wall Creations of Creations Unlimited is pleased to invite schools in the Cayman Islands to take part in a competition for their students aged 4 to 16 (inclusive) to design a 2018 Christmas card which will go on sale in Books & Books from mid-November 2018.

The card must be festive themed and relate to the Cayman Islands. The card can be designed in any way the entrant wishes – it can be computer generated, a drawing or painting.

Each school is able to submit up to 3 designs per category.

The submitted designs from each school will be judged by our panel and the overall winning Christmas card design from each category will  then be produced by Wall Creations and sold through Books & Books in Camana Bay, the official store for the Wall Creations 2018 Cayman Christmas Charity Card Competition. ALL proceeds (not just the profits!) made from the sale of the cards will be given by Wall Creations to support the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.


The name of each winner will be printed on their respective Christmas card design and displayed on our website and on social media pages (including, but not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram). As well as helping with the card sales, Books & Books has kindly offered to donate gift certificates to the winner of each category to the value of 50CI each to be available to use in-store.


There will be two categories of entrants; the “Junior” which is for ages 4 to 10 (inclusive) and the “Senior” which is for ages 11 through to 16 (inclusive).


The design must be submitted from the child’s school and produced either electronically (the image should be 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches in size and at least 300 dpi in either JPG, PNG or as a vector file) or if by hand on the design sheet provided, and sent by email to: zoe@creations.ky with the following information completed:

  1. Entry title (can you give your design a name):
  2. First name:
  3. Last name:
  4. Age*:
  5. School:
  6. School email address:

*as at 19 October 2018.

The closing date for entries is 19 October 2018.

If anyone has any questions about the competition, please email zoe@creations.ky.



In entering the competition (the “Competition”), each entrant automatically agrees to the rules (the “Rules of Entry”) as indicated below:

  • the Competition is open to entrants aged 4 through to 16 (inclusive)
  • entrants must be of the correct age for the specified category on 19 October 2018
  • one entry per child only
  • the Competition is only open to residents of the Cayman Islands and is being run by Wall Creations of Creations Unlimited Ltd., P.O. Box 12421, Grand Cayman, KY1-1010, Cayman Islands (“Wall Creations”)
  • entries must arrive via email to zoe@creations.ky by 11.30pm on 19 October 2018 or such later time and date as may be designed by Wall Creations (the “closing time”) from a school email address in the Cayman Islands. Entries received after the closing time will not be included in the competition. Neither Wall Creations, nor of any of its directors, shareholders, officers or employees will be responsible for any entries that are not received by it for any reason by the closing time, whether lost, delayed, corrupted or otherwise, and whether or not due to any technical difficulties or malfunctions
  • Wall Creations reserves the right to disqualify any entrant if they have reasonable grounds to believe the entrant has breached any of the Rules of Entry
  • the prize is to have the winning design from each category printed as a Christmas card by Wall Creations and sold in Books & Books. Books & Books will present gift cards to the value of 50CI to each winner. The prizes are non-transferable. No cash alternative will be offered. The prize(s) may change at any time
  • the decision of the judge(s) is final – no correspondence will be entered into
  • the respective winner will be notified via the submitting school on a date in November 2018
  • Wall Creations reserves the right to display or promote entries when it feels it will help promote the charitable aims of the competition
  • Wall Creations reserves the right to adjust, adapt or edit the design as is necessary for print and/or display (including, but not limited to, display on social media)
  • consent of a parent or guardian, either express or implied, is required for each entry
  • Wall Creations reserves the right to require that the parent or guardian of any child entering the Competition confirms in writing that he/she agrees to be bound by all the Rules of Entry
  • the design must be of festive nature and relate to the Cayman Islands
  • a hand-drawn design must be submitted using the design sheet provided or otherwise if in electronic format submitted as a JPG, PNG or as a vector file (the image should be at least 300 dpi and in a size of 4.25 inches x 5.5 inches)
  • the copyright of the design will remain with the entrant. However, as a condition of entry the entrant agrees to grant Wall Creations a worldwide exclusive licence to reproduce the design (including such design as amended for print) for the purpose of the Competition and for any other marketing or fundraising purposes